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April’s teachings encourage students to unravel the connections between conscious movement, intention, and philosophy and embrace yoga as a way of life. In each class, April offers an experience that balances individual attention with collective energy, a combination that inspires students to discover their unique, innate potential and incorporate that into their everyday lives.

April’s education in applied psychology and counseling prepared her to approach students with compassion and empathy, guiding them to become familiar with, and ultimately trust, the wisdom of the body. April skillfully pairs this deep exploration of ancient postures with a curious investigation of sacred texts, facilitating a process of inquiry that students feel empowered to continue in their home practice and beyond.

April began her yoga practice in 2008 as a preparation for surf camp in Costa Rica, but fell  in love with yoga and only fell in-like with surfing. She was drawn to the tenets of Jivamukti  Yoga – the emphasis on ahiṃsā (non-harming) and śāstra (scripture). Her yoga practice  sustained her through her corporate career. Handstands in hotel rooms helped alleviate the  demands of an intense travel/work schedule. After 7 years as a campus recruiter for the  financial industry, April attended NYU and earned an MA in School Counseling.

In 2013, April attended the Jivamukti Teacher Training at Omega Institute, thanks to the grace of her teachers, a scholarship from Russell Simmons, and the generous donations of the Jivamukti community.

In April 2014, April completed her 800-hour certification, apprenticing under Gayatri Sandhi Ferreira, and became an Advanced Certified teacher in January 2015.

April is also certified to teach aerial yoga through AerialMukti Yoga, as well as certified to teach kids yoga through Karma Kids Yoga, and has a certificate specific to teaching yoga in K-12 schools.

April feels honored to pass on the teachings of yoga. She gives thanks and reverence to her holy teachers who have endlessly inspired and supported her: Sharon Gannon, David Life, Ruth Lauer-Manenti, Sandhi Gayatri Ferreira, Rima Rabbath, Tamar Samir, and Manorama.

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