Deconstructing: Downward Facing Dog


Bring your downward facing dog to the next level! Downward facing dog is not only the most frequent asana in a vinyasa class, it is the foundation of other challenging asanas like inversions and arm balances. The key to your crow, headstand and handstand is downward facing dog.

The first of a 4-part “Deconstructing” Asana Series, in this asana workshop we will move beyond the fundamentals of downward facing dog, exploring more advanced alignment instructions, anatomy and sacred geometry. We will deconstruct each aspect of this challenging asana, working on alignment of wrists, shoulders, back and legs. Common problems, challenges and questions will be addressed, and you will leave with a greater awareness of your own body and practice.

Retreat to Colombia March 31 – April 6th 2019

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Want to learn something specific? Send me a message with your ideas! Previous workshops taught: arm balances, chaturanga, inversions, twists, sacred geometry, yoga sutras, pranayama, Sanskrit.

Cover Photo by Derek Goodwin Photography

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