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Chaturanga 2018

Sacred Geometry 2018

Check out my global happenings below. Open to everyone! See you somewhere across the globe! Reach out for more info, or click the links below.

July 20 – 21st: Bern, Switzerland, Daya Yoga

July 21st – 22nd: Basel, Switzerland, The Looking Glass Yoga

July 22 – August 1st (Teaching Dates TBD): Berlin, Germany

August 2018: Rockaway, NY, Beach-asana!

December 7th – 22nd, 2018 (Dates TBD): Sydney, Australia

Retreat to Colombia April 2019! Info coming soon!

Past Retreats:

Retreat to Paradise

Want to learn something specific? Send me a message with your ideas! Previous workshops taught: arm balances, chaturanga, inversions, twists, sacred geometry, yoga sutras, pranayama.

Cover Photo by Derek Goodwin Photography

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