Yoga Mythology

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The yoga poses we come into during class have Sanskrit names that either refer to an anatomical alignment, or are based on a mythological story. Matsyāsana, Aṣṭāvakrāsana, Hanumanāsana, Viśvāmitrāsana – these are just 4 examples of the hundreds of stories in the yoga tradition.

The myths behind the āsanas are one of the most profound tools for giving you intention, energy, focus, insight, and an expansive view of your asana practice – stepping far outside the simple lines and shapes normally understood in these moments. Context from these stories gives so much more background and understanding in a conversation that is not just physical.

The characters that appear in these stories are often Gods and Goddesses with magical powers, but each and every one of the characters contain human emotion and actions that we can all relate to, or have experienced in our own lives. The āsanas contain so much more depth than just physical exercise. They are the embodiment of our lives that we are working through each and every day.

Balarama (Halāsana) (Ep. 22 of 50)

Nataraja (Ep. 21 of 50)

Ganesh & Chandra (Ardha Chandrasana) (Ep. 20 of 50)

Arjuna (Dhanurasana) (Ep. 19 of 50)

Kurma (Ep. 18 of 50)

The Tittibha Birds and the Ocean (Titthibhasana) (Ep. 17 of 50)

Rama and the Boatman (Navasana) (Ep. 16 of 50)

Virabhadra (Ep. 15 of 50)

Kaundinya (Ep. 14 of 50)

Gopala (Ep. 13 of 50)

Garuda (Ep. 12 of 50)

Agni (Ep. 11 of 50)

Bharadvaja (Ep. 10 of 50)

Galava (Ep. 9 of 50)

Viśvāmitra (Ep. 8 of 50)

Patanjali (Ep. 7 of 50)

Durga & Kali (Ep. 6 of 50)

Hanuman (Ep. 5 of 50)

Parvati (Ep. 4 of 50)

Ashtavakra (Ep. 3 of 50)

Matsyendra (Ep. 2 of 50)

Matsya (Ep. 1 of 50)

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