Help make Jivamukti History on Saturday July 12th!

Want to help make Jivamukti history? Each Saturday morning at 8 am, I teach a 1 hour set sequence class called Spiritual Warrior. The room I teach in holds about 70 people, but the most students we’ve ever had has been about 20 or so, maybe less. Let’s pack the room! How cool would it be to be part of the largest Spiritual Warrior class ever!

You would be done by 9:00 am and have the rest of your Saturday to do whatever it is you normally do! AND if you’ve never been to Jivamukti before, your class will be free! What is better than free yoga??!!

Class starts at 8:00 am sharp – get there early, especially if you’ve never been before. See you in class!

Jivamukti Yoga School, Union Square, 841 Broadway, 2nd Floor

Saturday, July 12th, 8:00 am.

Fill this room!



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One thought on “Help make Jivamukti History on Saturday July 12th!

  1. You are an inspiration Apriji! Thank you for sharing your caring!

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