Through Friendliness, Kindness and Compassion, Strength Comes

We’ve been discussing in classes this month the pre-requisites for receiving the teachings of yoga, but really, as I’ve been saying, these are pre-requisites for just making our way through this world. The requirements we’ve discussed are LOVE, RESPECT, AND FRIENDSHIP.

Below are two sutras from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra chapter 3 – the chapter on powers – discussing friendship and love. We’ll discuss more this week 🙂

Speaking of friendship…a bunch of my friends from high school are supposedly coming to the 7 am class this Friday – you should all come too! One of my teachers, Lady Ruth, said this about 3.23, “Power comes, begins with, friendship. Do everything for your friends. Never underestimate the power of a friend.”

3.23 maitry-adiṣu balāni ॥23॥

Through friendliness, kindness and compassion, strength comes.

3.37 te samādhav-upasargāḥ-vyutthāne siddhayaḥ ॥37॥

By giving up the love of power, you attain the power of love.

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