Radiate Love

Govinda Hare Gopala Hare hey prabhu dinadayala Hare


Hey, you sweet Govinda, my closest friend, who loves me and allows me to love without inhibitions.

When you meet someone you have a strong connection to, there is always this initial excitement – butterflies in your stomach, a bit of tingling in the heart… just a hint of what love could be. And when you truly feel love, when you find someone who will be in your life forever in some way – a partner, a friend, a teacher – our perspective of the whole world changes. There is an overwhelming sense that everything is perfect, and everyone else around us can tell. Happiness exudes out of every pore of the body. But it’s fleeting…when this feeling is gone, we may find ourselves pining for it, waiting for the next moment we get to feel that way again…and there is also fear that comes along with that sense of love, often we put up walls, afraid to dive in and see what happens…

My Bhagavad Gita teacher, Joshua Greene, says that we thrill for love because that is what our soul truly is, LOVE. The butterflies and tingling – it’s like our body knows what our mind can’t quite grasp – giving us a tangible glimpse of what our true nature is. It doesn’t last because we are looking for it externally, when all we need to do is look internally. It is who we are – we don’t have to look very far. We practice yoga to connect with that true love, deep down inside. We work through past relationships and experiences, all those “issues” and “stuff”, often also putting up walls, and afraid to dive deeper. Hopefully, eventually, we realize we are love.

When you say to someone “I love you”, you are reflecting back to them who they truly are; love itself.  Radiate that love outwards. Give to someone what you truly want for yourself.

Radiate Love


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