Dive deeper into your practice and join me for a cup of tea!

I am now teaching 8:00 am Open and 10:30 a.m. Basics on Saturdays at Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City!

This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into your practice! Warm up by taking open first, then work on specific alignment in basics right after! Basics is not just for new students! It is a great way to focus on specific poses, and move into the next level of your asana practice!

In addition to teaching these classes, I will be offering a satsang, or gathering of like-minded beings, in our vegan cafe during the time between the two classes. Students will have the opportunity to ask any questions related to the basics curriculum of that week, discuss injuries they are working with or anything else related to their practice, and this can be directly addressed in class in a practical way. Free tea will be provided by the cafe!

If you are unfamiliar with the Basics curriculum at Jivamukti, each week we focus on a different set of postures:

Week 1: Standing Poses

Week 2: Forward Bends

Week 3: Backbends

Week 4: Putting it all together, and turning it upside down

I look forward to connecting to the Jivamukti students in this way! Join me beginning this Saturday, December 6th, and each week following!


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