Welcome to Perkville!

Jivamukti Yoga School NYC is now part of Perkville! you can get amazing Perks just by attending class! More details below!
Perkville – Our version of frequent flyer miles
What is Perkville? Simply put. Perkville is an equivalent to a frequent flier program.  Perkville keeps tracks of your Perks and is integrated with the Indie Yoga’s point of sale and back office systems to keep things simple for you. You now can earn points for attending class, referring a friend, or posting about us on Facebook.  Points can be redeemed  to your account for classes.
 Simply create an account at (http://www.perkville.com/) and let the Perks begin.
Earning Perks:
Join rewards program : +50pts,
Refer a friend: +50pts
Facebook post: +5pts
Tweet: +5pts
In-Class-Private: +35pts
Workshop Attended: +15pts
Basics Class: +15pts
Open Class: +10pts
Spiritual Warrior Class: +10pts
Meditation / Satsang: +5pts
Redeeming Perks:
A Free Class for a Friend= -200 points
A Free Smoothie at Jivamukti Cafe = -250 points
30% off any one retail item of $15 or more” = -350 points
A Free Jivamukti T-Shirt or Tank” = -400 points
A Free 30-Minute Private Training Session” = -600 points
A Free 60-Minute Private Training Session” = -800 points
A Free Workshop” = -1000 points
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